A week without writing

Why I Write in Notebooks

How do you write? On a laptop, or a tablet or maybe on scruffy bits of paper that you have to sort into neat piles every time you open the window? Maybe, like me, you could legitimately say, “any of the above.”

I like to start writing in nice thick notebooks. You know the sort with hard covers, that cost far too much but which you buy anyway. The picture shows my latest books, fresh from the Tate Bookshop. I try to buy them when they are on sale, but occasionally … well let’s not go there.

Anyway, I like to write the first draft of my work by hand, and then, once I’ve got the plot sorted I’ll start editing on the pc. Repeating myself? Maybe. Writing more than I need to? Certainly. But for once it’s paid off.

Last weekend the computer crashed. (as I was backing up onto a usb stick so both are unusable) Pleased to say I’ve been able to pick up most of the work from my note book.

Sad to say I’ve spent all week setting up new laptop. Even more sad to say that that I’m still trying to remember half of my pass words.

Oh well just another 20,000 words to type up and I’ll be back to where I was last weekend. (except for the passwords of course.)  Now what was the name of my first pet and the make of my third car, or should that be my first car and my third pet?

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