The Ghosts of Jamal


A heroic journey made by a boy who wasn’t born to be a hero.

Jamal sets out to find out why the rules he grew up with no longer apply and how he fits into the new world that he finds himself in.

Winner of the Commonword Diversity Writing for Children Prize 2016.

Published by HopeRoad in Spring 2018.

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“This is a clever story that releases its secrets slowly. With big ideas and lots of heart, it pulls you in and then – whack! What a great ending!” – Melvin Burgess

“Jamal’s story is one of survival but also one of bravery. I enjoyed getting to know him and my heart ached for him at various moments throughout the book. My heart skipped a beat as I read through the last few pages and my jaw dropped as I read the last few sentences. What a powerful story. I think this book should be shared in classroom settings to spark conversation around different cultures and bravery and doing what’s right.”– Kait’s Bookshelf

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