Decision Time

Book Signing

I’ve been busy making plans for my first book signing on 3rd April 2018.

Thanks to the lovely folks at October Books in Southampton I don’t have to arrange much, they’re handling the publicity, the space, the books etc etc. But I am left with a couple of major decisions;

  1. Do I employ a professional photographer – after all this is my first book and my first book signing – or do I trust that someone will take some nice pics and be happy to share them with me… Difficult choice, add phoning photographer for quote to my To Do List.
  2. Cakes, there has to be cakes, that’s already sorted. The decision is how to attach the neat little cake toppers to the cakes. The choice; chocolate frosting or water ice. (I know water ice doesn’t sound that good but its what they call the mixture of icing sugar and water that you pour over cakes.) Your right, it has to be the chocolate frosting. But maybe I should test a few – just to be sure. More for the To Do List … leave the cakes for at least 2 hours before you eat them, just to check that the frosting doesn’t spoil the cake toppers
  3. Finally, what to wear,
  4. No finally which glasses, distance or reading… yes, I know it’s time to buy bifocals but I’m putting that off.
  5. Which pen, no that’s not really a decision any pen will do – I think – does it matter? Will my readers think I’m not bothered if I use a cheap pen? Will I loose yet another pen if I take a good pen with me?
  6. Why am I BOTHERING about all this stuff?
  7. Calm down, remember it will be OK and rely on the nice people at October Books.

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