Watching the Boat Race

And Not Writing

Spent the past few hours watching the boat-race instead of writing. No excuse, other than perhaps it’s the weekend and I don’t feel much like writing. Maybe I could claim that it’s research? Probably only if write something about rowing, or the Thames or maybe about keeping going when you know all is lost.

Well done to Cambridge women!!

I guess I should go back to writing now, or would it be better to make a pot of coffee and then watch the men’s race.  Perhaps I could get some emotional insights into winning and losing. That would be good to know, just in case I need to write about exercise in the future. I wouldn’t want to actually take part in a race though – not because I’m lazy  – more because you can’t exercise and take notes at the same time. Oh well I’ll just have to keep watching, and maybe tune into the Rugby afterwards. Just for research of course.

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